christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Winter wanderings

I've been mostly walking at the marina while it's been so dark because it's actually allowed, and the distance can be as far or short as I like. But it's not just the repetition that got to me over this last winter. Today I went down to Mukilteo for some different scenery and realized I'm just tired of walking in the cold and dark. I'll always want to do my Sunday walks, but decided today that next winter I'll work some classes into the mix.

I think because when I started walking, it was equal parts transportation and exercise, and that really planted the deep feeling that I absolutely have to walk all the time. But now that it's an activity I choose to do, I should really only do it on my own terms. And not seeing anything interesting because it's too dark and being miserable because it's too cold has gotten old.

I imagine it'll be beneficial, too. I don't do any strength training and I really should.

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