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Recently the tips of my big toes starting hurting and initially I couldn't figure out why. Then one morning as I walked into the pool I thought, maybe it's from when my big toes rub against the walls of the pool when I do my pushups and pullups there. Sure enough, I realized it was definitely too scrapey while doing it, and my right big toe started bleeding while I did my stretches in the steam room on the way out. And it was a lot of blood. Bleeding in public, super fun! So I decided to get my first ever pair of water shoes.

I actually liked these a lot, but after just a couple of weeks of using them, I noticed the right one is already wearing away by my big toe. Makes sense. Why would fabric fare any better than my skin did? So these are on the way.

45 years old and finally getting my first Crocs. If you're not familiar with the brand, they are very popular and very maligned. People who wear them love them, and a lot of other people make fun of those people. I've heard good things about them recently and am looking forward to trying them, and I think they'll be a great choice for the pool because no fabric will mean that they'll dry easier.

That first pair that's wearing out fit *perfectly* so I hope fit isn't an issue with the new ones. I'm a 9.5 and they don't do half sizes, so I got 10s.

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