christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Toe-riffic 2: the Toe-ening

Unfortunately that set of Crocs specifically designed for the water that's also slightly more stylish didn't fit my stupid feet. Have I mentioned how dumb my feet and ankles are? I recently learned my ankles are huge when we were in Bend and I had to measure them for a brace. They're bigger around by something like 2.5 inches for the average person who has my size feet, 9.5. But another issue that's more impactful is the thickness in the main part. A lot of shoes are just too tight around the area where the laces are, and even if they aren't, I often have to skip a hole for the laces to be long enough to tie well.

So I took a chance with some regular Crocs, in navy because that was the cheapest among the darker colors. And that's how I choose stuff. When I got my new swim bag, I really liked the one that was dark blue with bananas all over it, but it was something like $37, so I chose purple for $9.

Anyway, Crocs don't come in half sizes, so I got size 10.

Those were quite large, so I held onto them and ordered a size 9. A little more snug across the top of my foot than I'd like, but not enough to stop me from wearing them. So now I finally have my water shoes that should last a while. Yesterday was return day. I stopped by the UPS Store to drop off the Crocs that were too big, the water Crocs that didn't fit at all, plus a thermostat I ordered that the electrician said was the wrong type. I also had to run to Kohl's in Snohomish to return some curtain rods Garrett decided he didn't want for his new blackout curtains, because using a rod at all meant there was extra space letting light in. They're the kind of curtains that have big rings on them, so they're just hanging on nails. It works.

So in addition to proper water shoes, I also have a good thermostat in my office! I was worried the old one that was there was eventually going to stop working because it malfunctioned a couple of times recently. I definitely had to be proactive because that's the most important room for me in terms of heat. I sleep with no heat in my room and I don't care if it's a little cold in the lounge because I like to use a blanket anyway. But my office is mostly underground and gets very cold, and there's really no way to warm up sitting in an office chair while actually working.

I'm mostly excited because the new one is programmable. I have it set to stay off all weekend, and to start 15 minutes before I get up on weekdays. It's really nice to walk in and have it already be warm instead of turning it on myself.

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