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Moving music

Just saw a prompt to put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first ten tracks. Funny timing because I recently decided I finally was tired enough of my mp3 player probably only playing 4,000 of the songs to do something about it. The product listing says it’ll play as many as a microSD can hold, but when you put it in it lists the track playing as x/4000 and I know I have a lot of stuff I haven’t heard in ages.

Anyway because nobody wants to make good mp3 players any more I decided to finally try listening on my phone. When I check the music folder on my computer, it says we have about 16,000 songs. I put all that on a 256gb microSD, but my phone thinks I only have 9,175 songs. Still an upgrade! Over twice as many songs. And who knows how much overlap there is between what that player played and what my phone will? I’m excited to find out. I haven’t even tried the app yet, doing it for the first time now. I’m using BlackPlayer, BTW.

1. Slow Children “President Am I”
2. Duran Duran “I Don’t Want Your Love”
3. Beavis and Butt-Head “Come to Butt-Head”
4. Marti Webb “Tell Me on a Sunday”
5. Darude “Music (Bostik Radio Edit)”
6. Chris and Cosey “Irama”
7. Book of Love “Boy Pop (Extended Radio Mix)”
8. The Undertones “It’s Going to Happen!”
9. Depeche Mode “In Your Room”
10. Karen Young “Hot Shot”

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