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Some good stuff!

Our grocery delivery yesterday had a few things missing that the store didn't have, so I decided this morning I'd get up, do PT exercises, and go to WinCo. It's the kind of place you go when you need something you can't find in your regular grocery store because it's huge and they have tons of stuff. Though I learned today that they don't seem to have any Indian food at all! I was just looking for palak paneer but I couldn't find any in the frozen section or any of the packet style anywhere else. So next time we have Indian night, we'll see if my improvised substitute is any good: frozen chopped spinach with feta.

They had the yeast and bagels I was after, and I got a lot of sparkling water and even got big packages of TP and paper towels.

They're normally open 24 hours but for the time being they're opening at 7am, plus following suit with senior hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, when they open at 6:30. It's a very large store with much roomier aisles than the others, a perfect place to avoid close contact.

Later on we got a nice text from our friend Claire. She's a dog walker and pet sitter and unfortunately has lost most of her work because people are working from home. But she's getting projects done sent a photo of one of my photos she previously asked if she could print and frame.

My friend Claire framed one of my photos

It's definitely one of my favorite photos I've taken as well. I love when the hills and mountains off in the distance are well-defined by light fog.

The other good news is that I'm already seeing a little progress with my back. Last night it was much easier to turn over in bed, which had been a struggle all week. And today wasn't too bad at all. I can't say what tomorrow morning in my office chair will be like, but I'm optimistic.
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