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I made a mini-zine

The US Postal Service was denied a government bailout, which was ridiculous considering it's a required public service outlined in our constitution. The good thing about that happening is that it brought a lot of attention to the fact that congress passed a ridiculous law in 2006 requiring the USPS to fund their pensions 75 years ahead. This isn't required for any other organizations, branches of government, or services.

It's an obvious attempt by republicans to cripple the USPS because they prefer privatization, with the possibility of breaking up one of the largest unionized workforces in the country being a bonus for them if they're ever successful. But democrats share some blame, too, for never even attempting to repeal the law over the last 14 years.

Anyway, more people in the US are demanding to vote by mail for obvious reasons, so of course a bailout was denied. Social media did its thing, though, and people started petitioning their elected officials and buying stamps online. I'm one of those people, and I started wondering what I should do with all the stamps. I got some cards to send out from local artist Elizabeth Person, but then I happened to see this video.

I was familiar with the mini-zine format, having bought a couple from my friend Elena, and decided it was time to do my own. I sent out a call for writing prompts and wrote haiku based on the first six I got. It's not just pages of text, either, I added cool graphics.


Even the cover is a haiku! If you want one, it's a dollar via PayPal (christopher575 at gmail dot com) or VenMo (@ christopher575), $2 to Europe. Do I know anyone anywhere else who wants one? Or do you want to trade zines? Message me and we'll figure it out. Everything is exclusive to the zine and won't be shared anywhere else. The writing prompts for the first issue:

Graph Paper
Multiple Personality

If you'd like to provide a prompt for a future edition, comment with it. Sincere submissions only, please. If your prompt is used, you get a free zine. Haven't had to reject one yet!

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