christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

'rona questionnaire via LJ user silverthief

1. Are you an Essential Worker?
I've been working from home for six years so the only thing that's really changed is that the whole company is doing what a great deal of the people in my orbit already were.

2. How many drinks have you had since the quarantine started?
We mostly stopped drinking back in the fall. Compared to what I used to have, the amount I have since then is pretty much nothing! I couldn't help but have a Corona with my last pre-lockdown meal in a restaurant. That was on March 13. When we ordered steak dinners delivered from our neighborhood bar on April 2, I asked them to bring a black cherry White Claw. They forgot it, so Marci the Naughty Bingo host who's delivering the food now came back with a box of six of them. I had one more two weeks later, which was two days ago. So two very weak drinks in quarantine. I'm so glad we aren't drinking, it sounds really bleak.

3. If you have kids... Are they driving you nuts?
We have two cats and they're as annoying and adorable as ever. 

4. What new hobby have you taken up during this?
No new hobbies but I launched a zine!

5. How many grocery runs have you done?
I've been a few times and we've had some deliveries, too. 

6. What are you spending your stimulus check on?
I'm not even sure we're getting one. 

7. Do you have any special occasions that you will miss during this quarantine?
I throw an annual banh mi tasting party that was supposed to be a week ago. It's been postponed until September.

8. Are you keeping your housework done? Ish?
This place is way cleaner than usual.

9. What movie have you watched during this quarantine?
Oh, tons! But my favorite thing that's happened was finding a lot of Joe Bob Briggs-hosted horror movies on Shudder. He's great.

10. What are you streaming with?
We have so many streaming services. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Prime Video, HBO Go, Showtime add-on for Hulu, Night Flight, Shudder. Did I miss any?

11. Nine months from now is there any chance of you having a baby?
There's never been a chance before and it still hasn't happened.

12. What's your go-to quarantine meal?
Nothing's really changed food-wise. I guess I've had a little more ramen because I was going to buy five or six packets and it was cheaper to buy a case of 24.

13. Is this whole situation making you paranoid?
No. I have worries but paranoia is very different. And I doubt many people truly know what it's like.

14. Has your internet gone out on you during this time?
Only briefly, thank goodness.

15. What month do you predict this all ends?
We'll be seeing outbreaks for years.

16. First thing you’re gonna do when you get off quarantine?
Visit the waxing studio, get a haircut, and get a body scrub and massage at the Korean spa.

17. Where do you wish you were right now?
We've put off planning our next trip until it's more likely it won't get canceled, and I wish we were there now. You'll see where it is when we get there.

18. What free-from-quarantine activity are you missing the most?
The pool at the YMCA thrice a week even though my new PT routine is probably more effective for back pain.

19. Have you run out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer?
I am not normally a user of hand sanitizer and the little bit I've used because of this has destroyed my hands. I don't really know how much we have. TP is fine.

20. Do you have enough food to last a month?
It'd be grim toward the end.

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