christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

A touch of "red"

Everett has a free street tree program. If your property has a suitable place to plant a tree, they'll come do it, free of charge. And there are lots to choose from. I've got a blog post in the works about it, and was hoping to make a free tree at our place a part of it. Garrett nixed the idea, though, because our right-of-way where they're willing to plant is on the slope of our front yard near a retaining wall. It's just made of big bricks with nothing holding them together, so years down the road, roots could be an issue.

I still wanted a tree, though, so I texted our yard guy and asked him to pick up a red Japanese Maple and plant it, much further back from where the city would, of course. That was many months ago and the suspense has been terrible. But it finally has leaves!


Red Japanese maple was my second choice as I always wanted a monkey puzzle. But at least I don't have live through a monkey puzzle's early years. Ever see a young one? They look like tall Charlie Brown Christmas trees.

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