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Let's get retro

I already mentioned that I started a zine during this quarantine, and by now people should be getting the first issue in the mail. I sent out a batch on Thursday. And I've already written three of the six haiku for issue 2! I usually get the first draft of a haiku out pretty quickly, and if I think a line or word can be improved, I chew on it for a few days. That's one of the advantages of writing them in spreadsheet; it's easy to have extra ideas off to the side, and when inspiration strikes, I can grab my phone or laptop and make an update.

I spent the last day deep in a new spreadsheet, writing the outline for the first episode of a new podcast! A friend mentioned on twitter that they wanted to watch a certain show. I've always wanted to do a podcast with them and I've never watched that show, so I suggested it and they agreed we should do it!

If you're wondering why I'm using they/them pronouns, it's because they do. But lately I like to use them as much as possible because it's weird how we always instinctively use he, she, or "he or she" when it's not even necessary, or we're not even sure.

Anyway, I'm not going to announce which show we're watching through until we announce the podcast, but I will say it premiered a few weeks after I graduated high school. Watching the debut episode now for the first time was a real trip, making me think about what I was up to at that age, and what I wanted to do with my life. Oddly enough, a character in the show has similar aspirations. That'll make for good chat.


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