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HGTV goes to Smallville

Last night in bed I saw a familiar face on Smallville and it took me a bit to place him.

That's Todd from Love It or List It! A lot of reality people have done acting and vice versa but it never occurred to me that anyone from the LIOLI or LIOLI2 might have done anything I've seen. Other than Hilary, who I learned late last year has a very small role in Rocky Horror Picture Show as Betty Munroe aka Mrs Ralph Hapschatt. (Hap-shit!)

So I looked Todd up on IMDb and was surprised to find a fair amount of acting roles, even a role as a dancer on Absolutely Fabulous. I definitely needed to see that, so I watched the episode while I drank my coffee before PT this morning. But I didn't spot him in the group of five dancers so I google "Todd Talbot" and "Absolutely Fabulous" together in quotes and found that there's another Todd Talbot, who's a professional dancer.

It surprised me that Todd lets a credit that doesn't belong to him remain in his IMDb, but of course it's always possible he's never even looked at it. I signed in and submitted the correction.

He had a role on something dramatic-looking called Fifteen for a couple of years starting when he was 18 or so. I'll definitely be looking at clips of that soon. It also says he's a dancer in Josie and the Pussycats, and it's been far too long since I saw that one.
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