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I haven't heard about the fate of the Ministry/KMFDM/Front Line Assembly concert July 1, but I read our governor's guidelines for reopening businesses yesterday, and the show will definitely have to be rescheduled now. Here's the plan:

Note that the plan doesn't have the dates for each phase. Pretty smart if you ask me, since subsequent phases depend on how the initial ones go. Phase 4 is when clubs and concert venues can reopen and gatherings of 50 or more are allowed, and as of now, phase 4 is tentatively scheduled for July 5. So even if everything goes perfectly, it's not in time.

I guess a reschedule isn't so bad since I'd like to minimize contact for a while longer than necessary anyway. No sense rushing things if I don't need to, especially with an asthma sufferer in the house.

All I ask is that it doesn't get rescheduled to the same day as the Cher concert was.

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