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Welcome to Melrose Sheltering in Place

I've said for years that I'm a great podcast guest but didn't think I'd ever have one of my own. The one I was the guest on the most is Secretly Timid, a Dallas-based weekly topical chat. For a while they were recapping Project Runway and asked if anyone listening wanted to join in. Here I am in 2013 talking to them via Skype.


When I went to Las Vegas in September 2014 for the Pride 48 podcast convention, Brian from Game Night Guys and I were on the panel since only half of the crew, Jon and Nan, were in attendance.

I wore my Linoleum Knife shirt because that's not only the first podcast I ever listened to, but it's how Secretly Timid became the second. Alonso from Linoleum Knife used to live in Dallas, and he joined Secretly Timid as a guest when he was visiting once.

Eventually, Nan left the show, and I didn't listen much longer. It turns out her contribution to the conversation was pretty important to me! The story of the last episode I listened to isn't one I care to type out, it's exhausting to even think about.

I was very happy when Nan returned to podcasting with Golden Gab, a weekly watchthrough podcast with their friend Sarah about The Golden Girls. Unfortunately they only got 17 episodes in before they podfaded.

Fast forward two and a half years, Nan mentioned on Twitter that they'd never watched Melrose Place. I hadn't either! They wished we could watch together and I said, what about a podcast?

My original idea for the title was Placing Melrose, and in a nod to the pandemic, Nan suggested Sheltering in Melrose Place. I figured it wasn't a good idea to have the exact name in the title, so we settled on Melrose Sheltering in Place. Here's the title card I made from a screencap of the first time they show the name of the show on the pilot.


The show is known for cast changes and I was surprised to see Heather Locklear and Daphne Zuniga on the season 1 DVD cover, but that worked perfectly because it left spots for me and Nan.


Hopefully we don't get the URL Nan chose taken away from us:

You can also find it by searching the title on Spotify if you use it. The first episode is very long because the pilot was long and there was a lot to talk about with all the characters being introduced. Unfortunately you also hear a lot of my P's popping and other noises when I move the microphone. My mic stand and pop filter arrived this morning, so episode 2 should sound much better.

A lot's changed since 1992 when the show started and it was fun to talk about what we were up to at the time. I've always heard the show gets pretty wild and I'm excited to see it unfold.
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