christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

It's all in the timing, and who you know

I have a new favorite HGTV show, Unsellable Houses. Twin sisters Lyndsay and Leslie work with homeowners whose houses are languishing on the market to make smart improvements to bring up the resale value. The twist is that they invest their own money to do this, then split the extra profit after that investment is recouped. Very unique! But the best part is that it takes place right here in Everett and the surrounding cities. It's pretty neat to see what we've known for years, that Everett is absolutely beautiful and full of excellent homes.

I contacted them via their website ages ago about a possible story and never heard back. My contacts at LiEv are former real estate agents so I asked one of them to get in touch with them, and that worked. It was still a slow process, handled by their rep at HGTV with as much back and forth as you would expect. Unfortunately by the time it all came together, we were well into quarantine and it had to be by phone. It wasn't too bad of a way to interview them, although my call recording app didn't start correctly because I redialed after getting less-than-ideal reception downstairs. That meant I didn't have any direct quotes, but I sat down immediately and banged out a pretty great post. One that I couldn't provide my own pictures for, of course.

Much of what I might say about the show is already in the blog post so I may as well say go read it!


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