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Changes underfoot

A few years ago I said on my Snapchat story (and maybe Instagram if they'd copied the feature by then) that I'd really like to have rollerblades again, but there aren't that many places around here to skate anyway so I may as well get a bunch of tattoos. And boy did I ever. Since then I finished my left arm and back, and got a bunch more on my left leg. The spot where I was when I said that was the paved trail at Langus Riverfront Park, and I recently learned they'll be ripping it out and replacing it with gravel. It makes sense. The paved trail can flood if the river rises too high or even if it rains too much. They added a paved trail just above it a while back that goes most of the length of the trail, but stops short of meeting up with the path by where I usually park.

I promptly forgot about that and found that trail entrance closed today, so I headed east instead of south from the parking spot, which also had signs indicating there's no parking there during the day on weekdays now. That's so construction vehicles have a spot.

A security guard drove up to let me know the other end of that closed paved trail would also be closed but everything else was open. That was when it occurred to me that I never got to skate on that trail.

I used to really love skating along the Rio Grande in Albuquerque. The trail there was mostly great though sometimes after a wind storm there'd be a lot of branches I'd have to jump over. I got pretty good at that! And speaking of wind, one time I flew down the trail having the time of my life without any clue at all that the reason I was making such good time was that I had a tailwind. When I turned around to head back, I could barely move. It took about three times as long to skate back as it did to skate out.

You have to keep your skates dry if you want them to last, so another issue here is all the rain. Maybe I should finally go to the roller rink.

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