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A milestone

Back in March when I suddenly got back pain, it was bad enough that I pursued treatment even in a pandemic. It wasn't enough to just try to take it easy because sitting and even laying down were very painful. It's nice to have learned since then that I'm dealing with different stuff than before because I was especially bitter that my proactive work didn't seem to prevent anything. But maybe it did. My old back pain was due to a bulging disc and recently my doctor helped me realize the new stuff is a different kind of pain. What came in March wasn't the disc type that sends shocks down the leg. Instead my back was completely stiff all the way up and down.

The exercises I got from another fill-in doctor in March helped a lot for most of my back, but the lowest part was still sore. I've been working with a new set of moves for almost a month now, and results are slow to come. But last night I got in bed and wasn't immediately in pain for the first time since back in March. Of course I was still sore throughout the night and all through the morning, but getting in bed and going to sleep pain-free was a wonderful feeling.

I really hate doing two sessions a day on non-walk days and one on days I do walk, but last night was definitely good motivation to keep going. Though it's hard to say for sure if it's all due to the PT. I added a wedge to my bed to use while sleeping on my side and had been on it a couple of nights, so that could be a factor. Nothing to do but stay the course.


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