christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

No rest for the wicked

I didn't really mean for this to ever become a malady journal but it's here and there's not a lot else going on, so that's where we're at. It's pretty silly how long it took me to realize that sleeping laying down is probably the worst thing for my back right now. I mean, I said over and over that going to sleep sucked and the pain was always worst when I got up, but for some reason not doing that never seemed like an option? Well it totally is. Garrett sleeps sitting up due to GIRD, and he said I should try it. A couple of painful nights later, halfway through the night, I finally got up and went to my spot downstairs. Lo and behold, a much better morning.

I auditioned all our recliners and ended up moving one from our living room into my room. It barely fits, but that's better than sleeping in the living room or lounge where I can't close the door. Steve still insists upon joining me in my room sometimes, but I'd rather sleep alone as much as possible.

It's hard to sleep upright and I get too warm, but it helps, for sure. Garrett needs a new adjustable bed and we're thinking about just getting two of them. Moneywise, the timing's not great, but sleep is one of those things you have to prioritize. Without good sleep, everything else falls apart.

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