christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

We got away for a bit

Good morning from Anacortes. I dig this place, it's got that "very expensive 20 years ago" thing kind of my like friend Barbara's big house that she moved out of did. You know the one I mean? Like it looks 80s but you know it's not because the stuff wasn't around in the '80s. And there's all this room to sit around at the counter and talk to the person in the kitchen but because of the curved design of that, there's shockingly little work space in the kitchen. 

The really funny part about this place is that there's two king beds in the master and a queen in the other bedroom, plus two large dining tables, so you'd think this is a party rental, but no alcohol is allowed. Not a deal breaker for us these days at all. I'm curious how many people follow the rules, though. 

Just once I'd like to arrive at a vacation rental and have the furniture set up the way I'd have done it. There's an amazing view here and the TV is opposite it, and the corner where the TV should definitely be has a piano instead. And neither couch really faces the TV very well but the one that has access to power for the laptop cord is the one with the worst view. 

The funniest thing was opening a cabinet and finding 17 or so boxes of mac and cheese. I've been craving it something fierce and want some even more after having bad frozen mac and cheese for lunch yesterday. 

(These are from yesterday. I only mention it because one of my pet peeves is when there's any confusion at all regarding if a photo was taken in the morning or the evening.)



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