christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Unauthorized dreams

Yesterday I followed the Lifetime Unauthorized Melrose Place Story with the Lifetime Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 story, not realizing yesterday was the 30th anniversary of 90210's first episode. I also didn't realize that I'd end up dreaming about the Melrose Place one, but in my version, they double-casted every role and eliminated one of everyone based on performance in rehearsals right up until time to shoot the first scenes. That's funny because if you've watched season 1 of Melrose Place, you can tell they didn't rehearse, and the Unauthorized Melrose Place Story confirms that.

These are fun and should be watched in the opposite order because that's the order the shows were made in. Some of the casting is the same in both movies but oddly, one woman plays a different agent in each and her role in the Melrose Place one didn't make it onto the IMDb entry.

And the casting of Abbie Cobb as Jennie Garth is the most brilliant biopic casting I've ever seen. She looks so much like her I could barely believe it.

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