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Of course it's annoying not to be able to go out and do the things we want to do, but at least that means saving some money, too. In spite of our tighter home budget, I ended up caught up and with some extra money, and decided it was time to get a new laptop. After all, I'm online during most of my free time at home, and that's basically all there is. May as well do it with a hot new machine. I very nearly got the newest Surface, but I like an extended keyboard and those all have the smaller one with no keypad. Keypads are nice. Plus when you get a laptop with a nice wide keyboard, it has a nice wide screen. I settled on the Vivobook S15 in Dreamy White and it's absolutely awesome.

Part of why I went white for the first time ever was that I'm sick of how filthy my black laptop always looks. Cat fur, dust, and other lint seem magnetically attracted to it. So I figured I'd get something lighter-colored and sleek. Something that'd be easy to keep clean and would make me want to. But then I wasn't sure if I should ever put stickers on it. Then I knew exactly what to do.

Starheadboy, who I have tons of art by (including tattooed on my body!) had a sale recently on Threadless. $12 t-shirts! I got three, and they're great, but one sad thing was that since a big company was fulfilling the order, it didn't come packed with stickers and other goodies like orders that come straight from him do. But I remembered I had a big packet of stickers he sent me a long time ago, and by using only one artist's stickers, I was able to give a cooler, more uniform look than I would have by collecting stickers over time. And they're all black/white/gray, too.

New laptop and old stickers

I love the way this turned out and it's also nice that they're stickers he made himself in a printer that aren't super strong, so I can easily peel them off if I ever want to.

My old laptop is heavy and clunky but it still works great, so it's not going anywhere. But I'm also glad I don't have to feel like I'm about to break my wrist picking it up several times a day.

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