christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Happy sour accident

I've been making shrubs for a while now and I think I've settled on lemon as the go-to one. It's nice because you can work with juice instead of chunks for quick, consistent results. And I made a discovery by chance when I couldn't find the microplane and used a peeler to get larger chunks of the rind instead: pickled lemon rind is delicious! I've sampled all of the fruit I've used in shrubs hoping to reuse it and so far the only good pickled fruit I've gotten out of it is pineapple. So I'm just going to treat bags of lemons as staple items in the house and keep us well-stocked in lemon shrub, then make other shrubs occasionally when something sounds good or jumps out at me.

Pickled lemon rind

Pickled lemon rind

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