christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Playing with power

The remote control for the lava lamps is so finicky but the light still comes on when you press the button so, while it’s possible the battery is low, it seems unlikely. There are three brand new remote controls upstairs in the box and you should just switch it out.

That’s potentially so wasteful, though, and you just threw away a remote control outlet because it definitely stopped working (probably)! Try the battery. No, you don’t have to open it up to see what kind of battery. Look up the order info from a couple of years ago and see what kind of battery it takes. OK good, five more batteries on the way!

Maybe you should have checked the box of batteries first. That may or may not be the same kind of battery the garage door openers use and if that’s the case, there could be some there. Yes, there were two, and changing it fixed the issue immediately. By the way isn’t it just awesome how you can use the battery to open the battery compartment? And you figured this all out in time to cancel the order?

But you’re not going to cancel the order because what’s the point of a box of batteries if it’s not well stocked?

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