christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Triple Double

I meant to talk about the coaster situation in the end table post but forgot. There are lots of coasters in this house but I wanted new ones specifically for my new end table. Part of turning over a new leaf with that whole end table situation, keeping everything nice and stylish, clean too.

Inspiration came from the new Grand Avenue Park Bridge.


Product shot from Etsy

I absolutely love the look of these and always have three:
- water
- flavored fizzy water with shrub
- can of flavored fizzy water for refill

The extra stays on the lower section of the end table.

Puddles form in them, though, so I ordered some of these coasters to set in them. The nice thing about Etsy is you can ask for customizations. Everyone chooses their colors on them but I also asked to keep the diameter to a certain size so they would fit inside.


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