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When two became seven

Usually we have two Christmas trees. Garrett's in charge of the traditional one upstairs and I set up the rainbow one in the lounge. He wasn't feeling up to it last year though, so it was only the lounge one. The pendulum was bound to swing the other way this year.

The stage was set when he brought up the main tree this year and found that the built-in lights were half burnt out, and while shopping for its replacement, discovered sets of three trees in varying heights. He ordered a flocked set (made to look like it has snow on it if you're not familiar with the term) and assembled them, then discovered the flocking material is highly toxic to cats. So those are now on the deck, visible from the living room through the French doors.


The angle is drastic because Garrett and I both got new beds and his old one is in the living room for now. No hurry to dispose of it during the pandemic since nobody's coming over anyway and the cats love it. A view from outside:


Inside, where the regular tree normally goes, are the three replacements.


It's cool to have three trees because there's lots of room for ornaments. Of course there's also more room for cats to go under and be a pain.

Downstairs, the lounge tree once again his its protective cage so we don't have to worry about cats with it.


Every year I buy an ornament. A friend who has a store was selling these so I grabbed one.


And the legendary Gasoleen made an avocado ornament with the proceeds going to charity, so of course I had to have one.


If you aren't familiar with the famous meme from Vine:

Now that you know it, you can melt your brain with this:


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