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New year, old me

I decided a while back that I'd try inline skating again this spring, and once Christmas was over, I ordered all new gear for it. It was a little surprising to learn there are only a couple of choices if you want skates that go over your shoes, and only one brand that gets even remotely decent reviews, the Doop by Powerslide. And I'm not even sure they're going to keep making them as the stock everywhere seems to be disappearing. But I got my pair, along with my first helmet ever and a full set of pads. I grew up on rollerskates and wasn't afraid of inline ones at all in my 20s, and only wore knee pads and wrist pads. Now that I'm older? I want it all.

The reason I wanted skates that go over shoes is that I'm always thinking about what might happen. If I need to walk back to the car, for example. I'd rather just step out when the need arises than always have to carry shoes.

Trying the skates on the first time I found that I couldn't close them with the giant tongue, and my whole foot came out of the shoe rather than my foot and shoe coming out of the skate. So I wanted a thinner shoe that stays on tight, and the Converse All-Star is an obvious choice. I had a ton of pairs over the years and was surprised I couldn't find any laying around. I thought for sure the pair I bought when we went to Portland and I realized halfway there that all I had was sandals and I needed something more would still be around, but it wasn't where I keep my shoes. Maybe they're around somewhere but a new pair's on the way.

It'll be a while before I try them because I won't let them get wet and it's been raining a lot lately. Monday was a heavy pour day and I didn't feel like walking in it, and I consistently do PT Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, so I didn't want to do that either. My wild idea? Find some of the '90s Susan Powter aerobics videos I did back in the '90s. But they're all around 50 minutes each and without having done them in ages, that seemed like a terrible idea. I settled on a 12-minute Sweatin' to the Oldies video from Richard Simmons, and I was glad it was a video. Remember how awful it was back in the day to get a move wrong and go the opposite direction of the rest of the class? By yourself at home there is no rest of the class.

It was quite a workout even in that short of a time, and I've been surprised the rest of the week to find my right knee was not happy about it. Obviously that makes me worry about my skating future, too. My walk yesterday was lovely, though.

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