christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Sure, bring it over

I got a text from my pharmacy today saying they were partnering with whichever delivery service. We're not far from the pharmacy and they have a drive-thru, so it's never been a big deal to go over there, though I didn't have to in 2020 because my insurance used a mail-order one.

If I'd gotten that text while not in a pandemic, I would have though nah, I'll just pick it up on my way to or from something else. But for the last few weeks the only time I go anywhere it's for an early morning walk, hours before the pharmacy is even open. And it just felt stupid to leave the house just for that. If I were making a shopping trip or heading to or from the Korean spa, of course I'd just swing by. But today I just didn't feel like leaving for just that.

This isn't something I see myself doing every time, but they definitely caught me on the right day to try it out.
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