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Weekend schmupdate

Friday was my first tattoo appointment since before the pandemic and 13 days beforehand, I saw this video (caution, LOUD). I'd never seen a sticker style tattoo before and absolutely loved it, and thankfully the artist was able to incorporate it. And he did an excellent job! If you don't recognize the character, that's Him from PowerPuff Girls, and we gave him a Magic Worm friend he's wearing as a boa. The artist is Miguel Ortiz from Lion's Paw Tattoo.


We didn't have a shopping list ready yet yesterday so I walked instead. Just to our neighborhood park, which is really quite nice. I'm embracing neighborhood walks more lately. It's neat to see it in the fog.


The park is so big that the field you see in the photo above is used for overflow parking during big events. That tiny dot on the left is a bench. I finally looked in the window of the swim center that's been closed since last year and was surprised to see they drained the pool. I figured they were just maintaining it full.


I also met Lisa at the Northwest Stream Center, where she's now a member, and we went to lunch after that. Our original plan to get sushi was thwarted due to an issue with the sushi bar at the place we tried to visit, but we got delicious Vietnamese instead so that was nice.

Then Garrett and I met my nieces and nephew, who we also hadn't seen since before the pandemic, and that's when we learned niece Tiffany bought a house in Texas and is moving away. Her new job is permanently remote, so it's mainly a real estate decision. She and her family need a new home and Washington is just a terrible place to buy one right now. To give you an idea, our house has more than doubled in value in 7 years. I just checked for the first time in a while and it's more like 120% of an increase in value! By moving she can take her new, larger salary and buy a gigantic house in a great school district. Of course she'll have one of the worst senators in our entire country to go with it, haha.

Speaking of mail, I got the it from the box on the way to get groceries this morning and there was a mailer from one of the local agencies. I always toss their stuff since we aren't looking to sell at the moment but noticed just in time that the back had a photo about the sub shop near their office, which I wrote about for their blog. Have they always put their blog posts in the mailers? Have I tossed lots of my own work straight into the recycle bin? I'll have to check the next time I write for them.


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