christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

366 days of hair growth

We decided to forgo professional services during the pandemic to avoid as much exposure as possible. So while I went to doctor and dentist appointments, I stopped going to the barber, the waxer, the tattoo shop, and the Korean spa. The Korean spa was the first place I went after I was vaccinated, and the tattoo shop was next. I have significantly less spending money than I did before the pandemic started, so I don't know if and when I'll go back for more waxing. That leaves the hair. It was already a little long when the shit hit the fan, and eventually Garrett started shaving the sides and back for me every few weeks. Even with just the hair on top, I still have quite a bit.

I usually keep it in a ponytail or a bun, but this morning as it was drying I realized the day before I saw a perfect photo in my memories from a year before that I could use to track the growth.

366 days of hair growth

It's kind of nice not having to pay for haircuts or go in every three weeks for them. And being able to just tie it back is pretty great. Sometimes it looks a little fuzzy so I'll put a little gel in for the flyaway bits, but I enjoy how it looks and get a lot of compliments. Undershave haircuts were very popular in the '90s and it's been cool to see them have another resurgence because they're pretty easy to do at home.

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