christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Accidental virality

I've definitely been enjoying TikTok a lot. There are lots of awesome creators on there and their algorithm really does get pretty good at making suggestions after you use the app for a while. As far as what I create there, I find there are still a few issues I have, but overall it offers better options for sound and editing than Instagram and Snapchat stories do. And they're designed to hang around instead of disappear. Of course Instagram has copied the concept with Reels, but for some reason they limit those to 30 seconds.

I had a wild week on there, though. On Tuesday, a couple of videos came up on my Timehop of when we went to the mall two years prior during a break between some friends' wedding and the reception. We found Dragon's Breath treats there, which are like giant pieces of cereal that are frozen in liquid nitrogen. I thought, hey, those videos would be a good TikTok, and I was more right about that than I ever could have imagined.

TikTok by [profile] xtopher575

As of this writing, it's at 1.2 million views with 78,000 likes and 470 comments, and it just keeps going. Plus I've gained 2,500 new followers or so. I guess it was inevitable, I've made up to a dozen videos in a day so something was bound to eventually click.

The cool part is that the next in my series of videos about reality TV did very well. I've been reposting the others and some of my other favorite older stuff, and it's been cool to see those videos almost instantly get as many views as they did in their original run.

I decided to write about the experience on Medium in the hopes that the post will also get a lot of attention because writers there can make money. I should probably also try to think of other things to write there, I've been in Everett/Snohomish County mode for a long time and it was fun to write about a general interest topic for a change.

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