christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Cute coincidence

Yesterday I was catching up on my friends list and a question in one of the posts was whether I had ever painted a rock. I haven't that I can remember, but I see them around a lot. Is it like that everywhere, that it's a big trend to paint rocks and leave them around? I mentioned that not only haven't I done it, but I also see bad ones all the time. Well, today I found the best one I've ever seen!


It has info on the back about where you can share photos in private groups on Facebook and NextDoor, and the most recent photo in the FB group is where the last person who found it moved it to. I think maybe I'll keep it for the time being, and if we move away from the area I'll leave it in the same park on one of my farewell trips there. That'll blow their minds for it to disappear and reappear after so long.

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