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Hello, Venga

For those who don't know, a big part of why I wanted to move from Albuquerque to Seattle was that I was tired of cars and didn't want to own one anymore. Not something that's easy to do in a place like Albuquerque but definitely doable in Seattle. So from 1999 until 2014 when we moved to Everett I didn't have one at all.

After we moved to Everett it was pretty frustrating not having one and I got very lucky and was able to continue my streak of never buying a car when I ended up with Garrett's grandmother's car when she no longer needed it. That was Olga, and I've posted about her previously. She was a great car and I fully planned to drive her until it no longer made sense. And since I never had to make any repairs and her mileage was still quite low, that was shaping up to be a very long time.

But Garrett's mom decided it was time for her to move on from the cargo van that she got for practical reasons a while back. Garrett and I had taken her on car shopping trips separately and she wasn't enjoying the car buying process or the features on the newest cars, and decided she would like to have Garrett's car. That worked out perfectly because he regretted buying the last Rav4 year before they added a console that could do Android Auto.

Now it was his turn to shop for a car and he had a hard time because all the ones he sat in we're not roomy enough to the right of his right knee, even the newest model RAV4. I'm not sure how many he tried, but it was quite a few. On our way back from visiting a dealership I suggested checking out Hyundai and he liked the Santa Fe and Bev ended up buying him a brand new one in exchange for his car. They also traded in her Toyota Camry that she didn't like to drive because it was too low.

I decided to go ahead and take the cargo van because we have borrowed it quite a few times to move things and it's a very practical vehicle to have around. So I sold Olga over the weekend and I'm now in the process doing a few minor things to the cargo van, which I've named Venga.

You can find lots of Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect conversions online but I'm not going to convert the van because I want it to still be a cargo van. I just want to have some nice options when I'm in it. I'll share those as they happen. But for now meet Venga! She is 5 years old but has less than 5,000 miles which is another reason I didn't hesitate at all to adopt her.


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