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The other tattoo

If you didn't know or forgot, I have a podcast! Early on in the pandemic my friend Nan mentioned on Twitter that they hadn't seen Melrose Place, and I saw an opportunity. I always wanted to do a podcast with them, and they currently weren't doing one, so I suggested we should both watch it for the first time and podcast about it. And they said yes!

I don't remember how long ago we decided we should get Shooters tattoos. That's the name of the bar where they all hang out and several of them work there, and one character buys the bar eventually. And that's all within the first few seasons.

My original request was for a Shooters logo with pool balls in place of the O's like on the staff uniform. The artist said to do that, we'd have to make the tattoo 8 inches wide, so I showed up to the shop prepared to get something pretty big. We ended up going a lot smaller on my shoulder, and gave the O's a lighter treatment like you see on the neon sign on the show.


He suggested we might go in later and add some pool balls beneath, and I liked that idea. He put a piece of cling film on me to trace the outline of what's there now so he can draw it ahead of time. 38 is my favorite number, so I'll do the 3 and 8 balls. I'm not fond of the color red though so I'll see what he thinks about the 3 being pink. It'd certainly fit the theme.

I can't find any other Melrose Place tattoos, so I suspect that until Nan gets theirs, I'm the only person who has one. I think that's probably true about many of my tattoos.

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